Archimede Gruden: 80 years of experience

The past

Archimede Gruden srl's history began in 1930, when Archimede Gruden and his partners Giuseppe Scarpa and Gino Meggiolaro founded a shipping company in Venice, the capital of the Venetian Maritime Republic that represented the very definition of mercantile trade for over a millennium.

In 1939, Giuseppe Scarpa was given the job of opening and managing a foreign office in Mogadishu, Somalia, instantly demonstrating the new activity's distinctive international vocation. The Somali headquarters closed, however, after just two years due to the outbreak of the second world war.

At the end of the war and after Archimede Gruden's death, the company was managed by Giuseppe Scarpa and Gino Meggiolaro, who, in time, were succeeded by Andrea - Giuseppe's son - and Renato De Pieri.

The present and the future

The founders aimed to make Archimede Gruden srl an internationally prominent business and, in accordance with this, the current directors opened a branch in the United States and one in China.

The closer contact that formed with other cultures expanded the company's horizons, allowing it to be more sensitive and reactive to the specific nature of new flows in international commerce.

Archimede Gruden srl does not stop there, however. The company looks ahead, laying the foundations to guarantee the continuity needed to carry on successfully performing the important work that major worldwide brands have entrusted it with for decades.

Archimede Gruden was also valued as a painter at the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a small gallery of his works.