From sea-borne shipment to air shipment, from warehousing to customs services, Archimede Gruden can meet all of your shipment and logistics needs. Contact us for further information.

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Sea Shipment

This is Archimede Gruden srl's core business. Thanks to the large volumes handled, it is able to guarantee competitive freight forwarding even with regard to major international players.

Our extensive network of representative agents, spread [across all continents], and our foreign branches allow us to provide a tailor-made service that suits our customers' specific needs right up to their doorstep.

Archimede Gruden srl can also offer maritime agency services, managing the organisation of all associated operations directly.

Air Shipment

Thanks to the acquisition of Luvitrans International, Archimede Gruden srl can offer complete and efficient airfreight services, with particularly competitive costs.

Luvitrans International's status as an IATA agent allows it to operate in the air shipment sector without needing to involve the services of any middlemen, with all the consequential operational benefits.

Customs Services

Archimede Gruden srl has its own office, in which two customs certified carriers operate.

Performing this service directly means that we can push our customers’ paperwork through faster and also provide quick and prompt information.

The Archimede Gruden srl customs office can also provide extremely accurate customs consulting and opinions, thanks to extensive experience accrued in this complex and changing sector.


The possibility to utilise the services provided by a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier - or NVOCC - grants access to a number of strategic benefits, such as guaranteeing broader and more flexible cargo insurance coverage than that typically offered by shipping companies, or also access to greater commercial confidentiality through the issuing of a House Bill of Lading, in this way keeping the sender and the recipients of the merchandise confidential.


In association with the acquired company Luvitrans International, Archimede Gruden srl provides its customers with company-owned warehouses in which a wide variety of transportation logistics operations can be carried out. Sorting, distribution, removal from pallets, and relabeling are just a few of the logistics services offered by Archimede Gruden srl.

Assistance With Documentation

Archimede Gruden srl boasts extensive experience in the swift and effective management of transportation services bureaucracy. It therefore offers full assistance, before departure and en route, to avoid any type of problem that may occur in negotiating letters of credit. Advice in filling out and making any changes to these fundamental documents in this way guarantees customers the regular negotiation of their credit instruments.


Archimede Gruden srl allows its customers to store their merchandise c/o company-owned arehouses, in association with the acquired company Luvitrans International. It is also possible to use tax and customs warehouses, with all the economic and operational advantages these types of warehouses offer.

Land Shipment

Archimede Gruden srl offers road transportation to complement its air and sea shipment. Thanks to the acquisition of Luvitrans International, a complete land-shipment service is now available to and from all of Europe, including extra-EU countries. Please contact Luvitrans International directly from the link on this site to use this service.


A consolidated network of partnerships, developed over decades of experience in the transportation sector, allows Archimede Gruden srl to ensure its customers complete and proper merchandise packaging, in compliance with international standards relative to sea and air transportation.


Archimede Gruden srl provides its customers with a convenient and complete Track&Trace service that, in a timely and up-to-date manner, reports the status of relevant shipments and provides all corresponding documents. To gain access to the Track&Trace service, simply go to the site and select the corresponding item from the menu at the top of the page.

The service is only available to registered users.