Analysis of customs codes for import


Distributor of gift items imported into Italy, Large-scale Distribution

Handled by:

Custom office and custom specialist


An important international company operating in the distribution and resale of gift ideas has included Italy among the target countries to expand its business and thus create new stores.

As a preliminary market analysis, the Business Development department committed to Archimede Gruden, a customs codes analysis for a full inventory imported in Italy.

This strategic analysis should also have determined with certainty the possibility of importing the items for sale or the impossibility of carrying out the business in Italy.


The customer operates in the gift ideas business, with non-perishable goods that make long journeys, mainly by sea.

They needed to quantify the cost of a sea shipment of the full inventory, based on more than 500 HS codes, from 8 different product categories, and receive a red or green light on importing each item, according to the italian laws.

Only with an excellent customs analysis they can decide if the business could run or not in Italy.


Thanks to our customs office and our expert customs officers, we have carried out a study on all the products marketed in Italy, identifying for each single item the various HS codes and all the additional information on possible certifications necessary to carry out customs clearance and anti-dumping regulations. This has allowed our customers to import their products in total serenity and in full compliance with current regulations.

Unlike most freight forwarders, having an internal customs department has allowed us to give direct assistance to customers in real time and with tailor made services.

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