Road freight

If you are looking for a solution for shipments by road, we are the ideal partner to reach all destinations, even the most remote, throughout Europe.

With our highly specialized team in the management of full-trucks transports, we guarantee a service able to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

Thanks to the acquisition of Luvitrans International, we are able to manage FTL and LTL shipments throughout Europe using our bonded warehouse located in Concorezzo (Lombardy, IT).

Membership of the Express Global Group also allows us to take advantage of the relationship with the trucking company Lorma Logistics, to better organize transport throughout Italy and Central Europe.


General Cargo

We guarantee a reliable and competent service that is competitive and aligned with the needs of the market.

The relationships created over the years with all the main suppliers, allow us to guarantee the highest quality to our customers globally, and to offer the best price for timing solutions.

Perishable cargo

To ship refrigerated and perishable loads we dedicate services and our consultancy to better assist our Customers in the relationship with the bodies and Customs authorities involved; in order to comply with specific national and community regulations, both in the export and import phases.

Dangerous cargo

Thanks to belonging to the Express Group, we have important collaborations with companies operating also in manufacturing companies and commercial distributors, with deep knowledge on how to handle dangerous goods.

Our dedicated team is constantly updated and has acquired its high skill over the years, so we can operate in full compliance with the international directives IMO ADR DG.

Thanks to our dangerous cargo service we can also assist our customers in the shipment of liquid, gaseous, solid products in Iso Tank containers or Flexitank container boxes.

Urgent deliveries

Thanks to belonging to the Express Group, we can guarantee an extensive list of suppliers who can respond to the needs of urgent transport.

The dedicated staff will take care of satisfying our customers needs, identifying different solutions and assisting in creating the one that best suits their needs.

Tank Cargo

Our tank cargo transport service is designed to make the handling of goods in a liquid or gaseous state compatible with both sea and land container traffic.

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