Traceability and logistics tools


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Import Department. Hong Kong & Venice Offices


The post-pandemic problems have created a very critical context, due to blank sailing, shortage of empty containers at ports of embarkation, problems of space on board ships and dilated transit time.

Our customers who ship by sea from the Far East, have countless orders of products, coming from countless suppliers, that must be boarded from the most varied ports of embarkation, found themselves faced with the impossibility of keeping track of the shipments.


The pandemic situation has caused problems for the customer companies that had to face a new and unpredictable situation, for which the usual processes (mostly manual) were not enough to analyze promptly the current situation.

In particular it was impossible to track the status of the goods orders and to manage the boarding priorities according to the priorities and the allocations with the Carriers.

Moreover it has been proved impossible, given the tools of the company, to analyze the behavior of the carriers and the compliance of the agreements taken for spaces on board.


Despite the complex situation, thanks to a deep and rapid analysis of business logistic processes, we designed a tailor-made solution for them, and implemented it in a very short time thanks to the synergy with the Fratelli Cosulich Group and in particular with GeneSYS computer science, a specialized company in the creation of business and BI software related to freight forwarding.

The solution adopted is the creation of an ad hoc web portal. The customer now has immediate visibility of all goods orders, all suppliers, ports of embarkation and also where, in real time, customers can check compliance with the assignments negotiated with shipowners.

We have also created Business Intelligence tools that obtain their orders from our customers to track up to the place of delivery on all sea routes in the world, useful information for monitoring activities and for the development of future ones.

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